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Is soda water and zero sugars in  soft drink better for my oral and overall health?

Is soda water and zero sugars in soft drink better for my oral and overall health?

Is soda water and zero sugars in  soft drink better for my oral and overall health?

High soft drink consumption as we all know,  is bad for our overall health. This is because constant exposure to high levels of sugar can lead to obesity and various other non-communicable disease, such as cancer, heart problems and type II diabetes.

High sugar consumption of  soft drinks can cause bad dental health for two reasons.

Firstly, they contain sugar, which if you’ve read my previous blogs, you should know this is a big reason for dental decay. The second reason they are bad for your dental health is because of the pH level. Soft drinks are very acidic, which can lead to erosion of your teeth causing dental decay.

In this day and age, we are all trying to be more health-conscious about how and what we consume. Being the informed individual, you are about keeping your body and mind healthy, you reach for the zero-sugar soft drink or the better choice soda water,  as there is no sugar, leading you to the conclusion that it should not be harmful to my health. Right? ERM……


Soft drinks, even with zero sugar, or no sugar listed as an ingredient, may have phosphoric or citric acid listed as an ingredient. This causes your chosen drink to have a lower  pH value, which  causes damage to the enamel of your teeth.

Soda water, while yes being water might seem like the better option, is a carbonated water. That means it is created by dissolving carbon dioxide gas in water. This creates an acid know as carbonic acid. Carbonic acid causes the pH to lower which can lead to dissolving the enamel of your tooth.

Now soda water does not have a pH level as low as soft drink, and so when looking for the bubbly hit soda water is a great option, BUT you should avoid drinking it every day as it can still cause erosion of the tooth surface leading to decay.

At the end of the day nothing is better for your dental, and overall health then drinking…..
*drum roll please*

You Guessed it!

There is unfortunately nothing that compares to it. Better still is tap water. Tap water in Australia, when available, has fluoride in the water which has been clinically proven to protect and strengthen your teeth.

Here at Martina Dental, I believe prevention is the best place to start for your dental health. My approach is a holistic one, as your mouth is the starting point to your digestion, which feeds and fuels your brain. I ensure at your consultations we talk about how to protect your teeth, which sometimes may include talking about what you eat and how often, as prevention is key in stopping dental decay in its tracks.

Should you wish to discuss your oral health further, please give my team a call or reach out via email, and we can find a time that suits your needs.

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