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  • A Dental Experience That Feels Like a Spa

    A Dental Experience That Feels Like a Spa

    At Martina Dental we promise you will be well cared for, and are excited to bring you the latest dental hygiene technology to ensure your dental experience is not only a positive one, but an effective visit too!

    Our new Swiss-Made EMS AIRFLOW® and a Guided Biofilm Therapy treatment can benefit your smile in so many ways!

    Have you always hated going to the dentist because of the painful scraping, mess, and cold water touching your teeth?

    We are so please this doesn’t have to be the normal anymore! You can now experience stain-free, clean teeth without the pain! No more mess, no more nails scraping like noise on the blackboard and no more cold water. It’s time to give your teeth the best clean they’ve ever had! 

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  • LED and Dentistry?

    LED and Dentistry?

    Does your dentist know more than just teeth?

    Absolutely! While teeth are a BIG part of what we do every day in the clinic, we like to go beyond teeth and educate our family of patients into the wellbeing of how our teeth play a part in our bodies. This includes how your body heals after dental emergencies!

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  • Sugary Drinks:- Linked to Long-Term disease for children!!

    Sugary Drinks:- Linked to Long-Term disease for children!!

    Did you know the gut health in childhood links to their long-term health and brain function?

    Many studies over the years have proved the link between sugar and health time and time again. A recent study published in the journal Translational Psychiatry, drawing on the work of Dr Scott Konoski, has found a link between childhood consumption of sugary drinks, and long-term health issues, along with the effect on brain function.

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  • Hidden Sugars

    Hidden Sugars

    I love talking about your dental health. It is something really important to me.

    This week we are focusing on sugar, and to more precise; hidden sugars that are in your weekly shopping trolley.

    Sugar is the ENEMY; as it affects the teeth topically.

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