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If I brush and floss daily, do I still need dentistry?
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At Martina Dental, Dr. Martina encourages patients to adopt an excellent oral care routine at home to complement your dentistry check-ups.

However, brushing and flossing alone may not rid your teeth of the tartar and bacteria that lead to tooth decay, infections or periodontal disease. Additionally, you can have early periodontal disease with few symptoms. Your dentist, however, can spot this disease on exam and help stop the progression.

Periodontal disease means you have infections in the ligaments and tissues surrounding your teeth. While periodontal disease is not curable, your dentist in Winston Hills can help improve your gum health and halt disease progression. Without treatment, periodontal disease can claim your teeth and your overall wellness.

Dentistry is a partnership between you and your dentist. You do your part by maintaining an excellent care routine, and we work to keep your gums and teeth healthy through regular exams and cleans.

At Martina Dental, we are also here to answer your questions and provide any tips to improve your at-home routine.

If you’re looking for dentistry in Winston Hills,we welcome your call to book an exam with our dentist.

Do you offer children's dentistry at your service?
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At Martina Dental, we treat patients of all ages, including children. Dr, Martina has an easy rapport with kids, and we always work hard to help them feel relaxed while educating them about their oral care. When it comes to children’s dentistry we are all about healthy smiles for life.

Dr Martina recommends bringing your child for his or her first visit around the time of the second birthday. During these initial visits, we acquaint ourselves with your child and earn trust. We examine their teeth in a fun way and then create a treatment plan based on your child’s specific needs.

As your child grows, Dr Martina introduces new ageappropriate services as your child’s needs change.

Our services include:

Examinations Cleans Fillings Athletic Guards & More

We also take the time to answer your questions and provide instructional support for at-home teeth cleaning and nutrition under your care.

If you’re looking for dentistry for children in the Hills district, we welcome your call and we look forward to building a trusting relationship with your child that encourages healthy dental habits.

At Martina Dental, we accept Children under the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme.

What is the best way to replace missing teeth?
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The answer to that question depends largely on yourgoals for your smile. MartinaDental, Dr Martina will discuss all of your treatment options andrespect the choice you make. After all, it’s your smile.

Dental Implants

The gold standard of tooth replacement, dentalimplants offer a number of benefits including bone retention andkeeping your bite healthy. Dr Martina creates dental implants, in conjunctionwith a local dental lab, for beautiful results.

Dental Bridges (Fixed Partial)

Adental bridge involves anchoring an artificial tooth in place to fillthe gap left after extraction or an accident. It requires a dental crown on oneor two healthy teeth. Dental bridges are a fixed option, making them a popularchoice for many of our patients.

Removable Partial or Full Dentures

For a long time, dentures haveprovided a reliable way for patients to replace multiple missing teeth. Today’sdentures come in metal-free, lightweight options for improved comfort andfunction.

Implant Dentures or Bridges

For patients who want abridge or denture but also want the stability of dental implants, wecan combine these two treatments. Dental implants act as an anchor, addingstability to both fixed and removable options.

Tooth Replacement in Winston Hills

If you are looking to discuss some toothreplacement options, contact Martina Dental, to book in a consultationwith Dr. Martina. We look forward to helping you find the best option foryou. While we are located in Winston Hills, we also service Northmead,Baulkham Hills, and Bella Vista areas.

Why do I need a crown instead of a filling?
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Dentalfillings and crowns are both restorations designed to prolong the lifeof your tooth. They serve two separate purposes. Dr Martina will always presentall treatment options and their benefits, so you can make an informed choice.

Dental Fillings in Winston Hills 

After decay or damage, a dental filling will sealthe tooth to keep out bacteria and food particles. When used cosmetically,dental composite, the material for fillings, can reshape the tooth, close smallgaps and improve the appearance of teeth with minimal prep. Composite bondsdirectly to your natural tooth structure and can often be completed in a singlevisit.

Dental Crowns in Winston Hills

When a tooth cracks, breaks or has deep decay, adental crown seals the tooth and also makes it more stable. A dental crowncompletely covers the natural tooth structure and can prevent splitting orcontinued deterioration caused by compromised enamel.

Dental crowns also complete the chewing surfaceafter dental implant placement. In the case of implants, a dental crown willattach directly to the abutment – a link between the dental implant screw andthe crown.

How can I avoid a dental emergency?
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If you recently experienced toothache ora dental emergency, you probably want to avoid that experience in thefuture.

At Martina Dental, we do our best to help patientsavoid dental emergencies with personalised preventive dentistry. Bystaying current with your regular check-ups, cleans and diagnostic x-rays, youcan often avoid serious oral health issues that cause pain or tooth loss.

Why Do I Need X-Rays?
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Diagnostic x-rays are an important tool used by DrMartina to help you stay healthy and comfortable. Dental decay often does notfeel painful until it progresses deep within the tooth, near the nerve. Withoutdental x-rays, it is challenging to guess the size and depth of the decay andwhether a filling or crown would be advised.

As decay develops near the nerve, root canaltherapy may become necessary. 

We also provide preventive treatments such asfluoride application and fissure sealants to add extra protection againstsugary foods and beverages.

To learn more about preventive dentistry and toobtain a personalised recommendation to keep your smile feeling and looking itsbest, contactour Hills District dental clinic. We welcome new patients of all ages –from toddlers to grandparents and everyone in between.

How does professional teeth whitening work?
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Often our teeth become stained and discoloured aswe age. Lifestyle factors like drinking wine or smoking may also play a role.The good news is that you don’t have to live with yellow or brown tooth stains.Professional teeth whitening in Winston Hills provides options to help brightenyour smile.

Typically, Dr Martina examines your teeth and gumsor reviews your oral health history to make sure professional teeth whiteningin Winston Hills is a safe and practical option for you.

We start the whitening process in our dentalclinic, and it typically takes an hour. Our whitening gel, coupled with anactivating light lifts stains from your teeth, including the pores. We repeatthis process up to three times to give you the best results.

Often, we send you home with a custom mouth trayand whitening gel so you can continue the process on your own time.

Professional teeth whitening in Winston Hills is agreat way to brighten your smile before your wedding or retirement party. It isalso a good idea to whiten your smile before restorations because restorationsdo not change colour with professional teeth whitening.

If you would like to book a professional toothwhitening exam in Winston Hills, we encourage you to contact our team.