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The Team



Dr Martina Lavery

Owner, Clinical Lead & BDS
Martina Dental was born out of a vision to provide dental care of the highest standard in a caring and calm environment. Dr. Martina has been a dentist for over 22 years, in the Hills District. She studied dentistry in her native land, Ireland, in Belfast, before migrating to Sydney after meeting her husband in Adelaide, where she was on a forensic dentistry scholarship at Adelaide University.
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Dr David Taub

Dental Surgeon
Dr Taub completed his dentistry qualifications in 1995 at the Sydney University graduating with first class honours. In 2002 he was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. In 2003 he completed his Post Graduate Diploma of Clinical Dentistry for Implants. In addition to working in practice, Dr Taub is a surgical mentor in implant surgery at the Charles Sturt University and University of Sydney.Dr Taub attends the clinic 1 day a month to perform surgical extractions such as wisdom teeth,A true Sydney-sider, Dr Taub believes that if he hadn’t chosen dentistry, he probably would have been a professional surfer. Luckily for us he took a different path, but he still finds time to indulge his love of the outdoors by regularly running, cycling and catching waves. 

Tatiana Haddad

Patient Liason & Clinical Coordinator
Meet our Senior Clinical Coordinator, Tatiana Haddad – the heart and soul behind Martina Dental's seamless patient experience. With a warm and friendly approach, Tatiana is not just passionate about her role; she's dedicated to making every patient feel comfortable and empowered throughout their dental and cosmetic journey. With extensive experience in cosmetic aesthetics and medical reception, Tatiana is the mastermind behind our terrific social media presence. She brings a unique blend of administrative prowess and patient care expertise, handling matters behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operation of our clinic. Beyond her role at Martina Dental, Tatiana is a dedicated student pursuing a Bachelor of Laws and Psychology, aspiring to become a solicitor in the future. Her diverse interests extend to traveling, fashion, interior design, and photography, reflecting her vibrant and multifaceted personality. When you entrust your care to Martina Dental, you're not just in capable hands – you're in the caring and capable hands of Tatiana, who goes above and beyond to make your dental and cosmetic experience truly exceptional.

Georgia Tanti

Senior Dental Assistant & Clinical Coordinator
Meet Georgia, a cherished member of the Martina Dental family for the past four years, dedicatedly serving as our Senior Dental Nurse and Clinical Coordinator. In her time with Martina Dental, she has not only become an integral part of our team but has also discovered a nurturing environment that fuels her passion for patient-centered care and underscores the vital role of oral health in overall well-being. Georgia is unwaveringly committed to cultivating an atmosphere where clients feel genuinely cared for throughout their entire dental experience. Her warmth, approachability, and dedication to maintaining a judgment-free environment ensure that patients receive unparalleled support on their journey to dental wellness. We count ourselves fortunate to have Georgia as a cornerstone of our team, contributing significantly to the nurturing and inclusive environment we aspire to provide for our patients. Beyond her professional life, Georgia finds joy in engaging in sports, spending quality time with friends and family, and proudly holds the esteemed role of being the oldest of three younger brothers. Additionally, her commitment to personal and professional growth is evident as she is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Nursing. Georgia's role as our Senior Dental Nurse adds an extra layer of expertise and care to make your dental experience exceptional.

DR Negin Ostadian

Senior Dentist
Meet Dr. Negin, our dentist who has recently become a valued member of the Martina Dental team. Bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to our practice, Dr. Negin seamlessly integrates into our collaborative environment. Over the past few months, she has closely worked with our team, embodying the spirit of mentorship that defines our dental family. Dr. Negin shares Martina's philosophy, demonstrating a profound commitment to dentistry and patient well-being. Her passion for dentistry goes beyond the technical aspects, extending to a genuine desire to ensure that every patient feels cared for in every facet of their dental journey. Driven by a warm and approachable demeanor, she creates an atmosphere that is judgment-free and supportive, making patients feel comfortable and confident in their dental care. At Martina Dental, we are excited to have Dr. Negin on board, enriching our team with her expertise and compassionate approach to dentistry. With her dedication to patient-centered care, she is an integral part of our commitment to providing exceptional dental experiences in a welcoming environment.