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Does Your dentist know more than teeth? - Podcast By Beaute Industries Featuring Dr. Martina Lavery

Does Your dentist know more than teeth? - Podcast By Beaute Industries Featuring Dr. Martina Lavery

Our very own Dr. Martina was asked by the lovely Tamara at Beaute Industries to give her own opinions and insights about how dentistry is more than just teeth!
Click below to listen and learn great insights about how your dentist knows so much more than just teeth. She shares her life’s passion about how the mouth, skin and body are all connected.

Here’s a little exert to sink your taste buds into;

“Dr Martina Lavery finds her greatest joy in her 22-year practicing career has been forming relationships with patients which now sees her treating third generations of families. Because of her love for cosmetic dentistry and love of phi proportions, +Aesthetics was born. To enhance her knowledge for her patients undergoing aesthetic treatments, Martina has studied a Diploma in Dermal Therapies and is currently studying a Masters of Facial Aesthetics in the UK.

Dr. Martina’s meticulous nature and exacting standards results in excellent outcomes for all of her patients. You’ll hear by her passion today which shines through the conversation that sees it as a great privilege to work on people’s teeth and takes this responsibility seriously, undergoing professional training in communications, psychology and neuropsychology so that she’s better able to make her patients feel comfortable by using a caring, empathetic approach…”

Take a dive deep into why Dr. Martina wanted to start offering Aesthetics in her dental practice and how she marries dentistry with Aesthetics with what she calls “tweak-ments.” She talks of her journey as a practice owner and what her biggest business lessons are.

Dr. Martina also shares her insight into how teeth fit into the equation as part of the features of our face, using a technical term called phi proportions. And how the mouth: body connection are vital to our overall health.

Click here to listen on Google now.

Want to find out more about our sister business and what we offer head on over to our + Aesthetics page to find out more about the aesthetic treatments we offer here at Martina Dental + Aesthetics.

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