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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Winston Hills, NSW

At the studio, we offer many types of fillings.

We do not, however place amalgam ‘silver fillings’ because reliable tooth-coloured options will not negatively impact the appearance of your smile and provide many benefits, including preserving more healthy tooth structure since they bond directly to natural teeth using a bonding agent. 

Composite fillings also prevent expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, unlike metal fillings.

Dr Martina Lavery may also recommend cast gold fillings for posterior teeth because of their durability or per patient request.

What Types Of Fillings Can I Have Placed?

We place white fillings, such as composite resins, glass ionomer-fluoride releasing porcelain fillings, and laboratory-made composite resins along with cast gold fillings. Which type of filling will provide lasting results and an optimum outcome will depend on your condition and goals for your smile.

Dr Martina will discuss your options and the benefits of each.

What Type Of Fillings Do I Need?

A ‘filling’ is a general term for a material used to fill a hole in your tooth due to decay or fracture.

The hole is usually surrounded, in part at least, by sound tooth structure. Common filling materials are composite resins and glass ionomer fillings – both are tooth-coloured.

Sometimes, half the tooth falls off and the ‘filling’ then just doesn’t fill a hole; it also has to do the job of the missing portion of the tooth. In back teeth, this means enlarging the filling to take the pressure of forming the cusp – the mountain peak of your tooth. This places higher demands on the restorative material we need to use, and you should expect a higher likelihood of this breaking down again if you choose the cheaper options. In this case, we may recommend a crown to give you the longest lasting results.

Each case is as unique as your smile, and Dr Lavery will discuss what she thinks is best for you, giving you all options available. We will respect the choice you make for your oral health and appearance.


An inlay is a filling made in a laboratory. Dr Lavery uses local Australian standards-approved technicians who are highly skilled at crafting these restorations. An inlay repairs a tooth between the cusps.

Inlays still serve the purpose of a filling but usually give a superior result.


An onlay is an inlay with an extension ‘wing’ that covers one or more of the cusps (peaks) of your teeth on the premolar and molar teeth (back teeth). The extension stops the cusp from splitting away from the main body of the tooth and filling.

Ready to Learn More?

We welcome you to contact our Hills District dental practice to arrange a booking with Dr Lavery. She will provide a comprehensive exam and treatment options based on your oral health needs. We also service Northmead, Baulkham Hills, and Bella Vista areas.

At Martina Lavery Dental & Skin Studio, you are our number one priority.