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LED and Dentistry?

LED and Dentistry?

Does your dentist know more than just teeth?

Absolutely! While teeth are a BIG part of what we do every day in the clinic, we like to go beyond teeth and educate our family of patients into the wellbeing of how our teeth play a part in our bodies. This includes how your body heals after dental emergencies!

At Martina Dental, we strongly believe in preventative dentistry and will always recommend that you come in for your regular six monthly clean and check-ups to ensure that your dental health is kept on top of, and help lessen the likelihood of you needing root canal therapies and extractions. However, sometimes emergency care does need to be undertaken and as such we are always well prepared to help you, including the post op healing after your treatment.

A great way to help reduce facial swelling (oedema) and redness (erythema) from an abscess in your teeth or gums is to use one of the brand new technologies we offer in the practice; our Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Phototherapy Healite II.

But what does a LED have to do with a dental abscess?

LED is a non-invasive therapy, that uses the ideal wavelength to penetrate deep into the subcellular, cellular and tissue level.

So, what does this mean for my healing?

Using a wavelength of 830nm with a photo sequencing of 590mm (yellow LED), the Healite II uses an optical lens array technology (OLAT), that effectively harnesses and delivers a healing energy of 1800 new generation LEDs to achieve a concentrated therapeutic photo intensity in the cell and organelles of the target tissue, thus maximizing the therapeutic outcome

In basic terms the LED is creating more blood flow to the targeted area which is allowing for an increase in oxygen, as the more blood cells present, so to is the oxygen increased. The increased supply in oxygen is then delivered to the cells and organelles, which allows for them to be more productive in producing collagen, and doing all its other functions required for the healing process.

Wow sounds like something I need after treatment, but how effective is it?

Low-level light therapy (LLLT) has been clinically proven to help with wound healing, pain relief, muscle and joint pain, muscle spasms, and a temporary increase of blood circulation.

LED phototherapy can also be used to help stimulate the healing process in your root canal therapies and after a tooth extraction.

Here at Martina Dental we always aim to ensure that your health and wellbeing are well cared for before, during and after your treatment with us, this is just another way we look out for your dental health.

If you have a dental emergency, please contact our practice in Winston Hills to ensure the appropriate care can be provided for you in a timely manner.

Want to find out further uses to the Healite II, check out our sister page +Aesthetics where you can find out about the different wavelengths used, and what they can do for your skin health, plus so much more!





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